Multiple Sans is a conceptual sans serif typeface based on the idea that a font's glyph forms are balanced between unity and variety.

Each glyph possesses formal properties that have either a geometric or a humanist tendency. Properties that reduce formal variety and therefore support the even look of a typeface are of geometric nature, whereas the distinct elements of different characters are emphasized through humanist properties that make the font more ledgible.
The balance of these properties determines a specific position on the style axis whose extreme points are accordingly named after the opposing typeface groups geometric and humanist sans.

All glyphs of a font share common properties, which are called first grade properties. The first part of every type design process is the selection of these basic properties. Second grade properties only apply to various groups of letters and can be combined in different ways.

The integrative design process includes as many alternate forms as possible in one opentype font.

The formal variations of an integral typeface are made accessible to the user by the stylistic sets opentype feature. Each feature changes a second grade property and therefore represents a vector on the style axis.

"Der strukturale Mensch nimmt das Gegebene, zerlegt es, setzt es wieder zusammen; das ist scheinbar wenig [...]. Und doch ist dieses Wenige, von einem anderen Standpunkt aus gesehen, entscheidend; denn zwischen den beiden Objekten, oder zwischen den beiden Momenten strukturalistischer Tätigkeit bildet sich etwas Neues [...] Roland Barthes